Essential Information

The goal of a fine portrait

Is to direct the viewers attention to the face or faces in the portrait. Simple comfortable clothing in medium to dark tones work best for medium or dark tone settings, like a park with lots of trees and foliage around. Light color clothing works best for lighter color backgrounds such as a beach where there is lots of sand and sky as your background.

Remember that sleeveless tops will make your arms look bigger. Avoid bright bold patterns and prints when choosing clothing this will distract the viewer’s attention away from the face. Most outdoor portraits are full length, so don’t over look your shoes as they will show. Women should wear medium to full length skirts or comfortable slacks. The same rule of thumb applies here the more bare skin that shows has a tendency to make those areas look bigger and distracting.

A full tummy and well rested

Especially children, allow 1 hour for the shoot to get lots of variety. There are times when Mom or Dad can be helpful with the children but some times the best shots are captured one on one.

What not to do

Bring cameras from home this tends to be very distracting during the shoot. Try not to have an activity planned right after the shoot it will make for a less stressful photo session.

Life style portraits

This style of portrait session is designed to depict your lifestyle or hobbies. Like Horse back ridding, Boating, Golfing, Car enthusiasts, Ballerina dancers, Cycling, Skateboarding or Leisure time at the cottage. The goal of this style of portrait session requires you wear clothing appropriate to the activity. These types of photo sessions usually require more time and different settings call us and we will help plan for this type of shoot.

Commercial, Illustrative or Event photography

It would be best to contact us through our email or by phone to discuss you individual needs.